Unrolling the Netherfield Scroll

On 7 April 2018, former members of the Grunt Group – Chris Cross, Jeremy Dixon, Michael Gold and Edward Jones – presented their Netherfield Scroll to Drawing Matter. The 20-foot-long drawing was created c. 1971 for a low-density, social housing estate in Milton Keynes. The following video is a brief selection of highlights from the 30-minute presentation at Shatwell by Cross, Dixon and Gold.


On why the Netherfield Scroll is so long, Netherfield Scroll One, an email exchange between Chris Cross, Jeremy Dixon and Edward Jones; on drawing c. 1971, Netherfield Scoll Two with Michael Gold's addition to the email conversation; and on the forensics of  the making (including multiple collaborations) of drawings that became iconic, Autographicals, in particular, Peter Myers on the Brunswick Centre.