Archizoom, Andrea Branzi and the No-Stop City

Branzi / Archizoom, Axonometric, Non Stop City, 1969, DM 2057.2 IN SET – Drawing Matter

Andrea Branzi (*1938) and Archizoom (1966–1974), Axonometric for an element of No-Stop City, 1969. Ink on trace, 280 × 430 mm.

Archizoom describe this ‘hypothetical theatre’ as part of a fluid and unstoppable culture, a non-stop metropolis re-imagined to fit the times, characterised by mobile theatres, unbound books, rooms without plan, unwritten music, … and cities made of voids.

For the first time the presentation technique has … become a specific technique that has no connection with the architectonic idiom. The drawing is no longer a scaled reduction of reality, but a finished product in itself which need not necessarily be put into effect. The impossibility of realisation is accepted and becomes not a source of frustration, but one more degree of freedom.

— Andrea Branzi


On other architects and urban projects of the Italian avant-garde, Superstudio's Continuous Monument in Reinventions from 1953–1978; Ugo La Pietra's Ouvouomosfera; and on another proposed 24-hour lung for the city, Cedric Price's Parc de la Villette, designed thirteen years after Branzi's.