Henri Labrouste

... 680 mm. In 1840 Labrouste plays an essential role in a political spectacle in which the stakes are high for the faltering regime of Louis Philippe: the return of Napoleon’s ashes that will be buried in the church of Les Invalides. With Louis Visconti, Labrouste is invited to extend the ...


GAFPA: On Superstudio's Continuous Monument, 1969

... Makers Mailing List Search Drawing MatterDRAWINGSAlternative Histories: Participants and Models 12 Jan 2019 GAFPA: On Superstudio's Continuous Monument, 1969 GAFPA (*2008), Floris De Bruyn (*1982), Philippe De Berlangeer (*1980) and Frederick Verschueren (*1980), On Superstudio's Continuous Monument, from Sketchbook 12, 1968–69, 2018. Model. We received a sketch made by Superstudio, ...


Jean-Baptiste Lassus

... 12-14. Niall Hobhouse suggests that the decoration, scale and manner of the drawing are very much in line with those of the famous 1837 compendium of watercolours known as ‘Vues de quelques Monuments de Paris achevés sous le règne de Louis Philippe 1er’ for which it may have been intended.


A Civic Utopia, 1765–1837

A Civic Utopia, 1765–1837 ← DRAWINGS ← Drawing Matter Home Drawings Publications Events About Contributors Artists & Makers Mailing List Search Drawing MatterDRAWINGSLines of enquiry A Civic Utopia, 1765–1837 The exhibition considered the place of architecture in establishing the notion of public life, bringing together a selection of ideas for ...