Writing Prize Judges 2020

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Witherford Watson Mann: on Cedric Price's BatHat Battersea Power Station, c. 1990

... Mann: on Cedric Price's BatHat Battersea Power Station, c. 1990 -----Original Message-----From: William Mann Sent: 17 January 2019 19:22To: cedric@cpa.org Cc: Stephen Witherford; William Mann; Philippa BattyeSubject: BathatDear Cedric,We tried to reach you by phone but gather you are still in East Grinstead. So we are sending some drawings instead, ...


Behind the Lines 1

... he mutters to himself – still if that’s what it takes…At 9 Bemersyde Drive a male voice shouts out, ‘Who’s cut up my bloomin’ magazine?’– Philippa Lewis WE SUGGEST On the techniques of collage from the analog methods of Superstudio and those of the avant-garde such as Zünd Up during ...


Behind the Lines 2

... city and have Gloria stay home and look after their planned two children. He always seemed to get what he wanted – then she would use the KitchenAid almost every day, she supposed – but would she get this?– Philippa Lewis WE SUGGEST Spaghetti with Meatballs Search website Search drawings


Behind the Lines 6

... Richard Bentley scrabbled among assorted implements, picked out his current favourite nib and dipped it in what was left of his bottle of sepia ink.– Philippa Lewis We suggest Behind the Lines 1–5, also by Philippa Lewis; a bit of 'Architectural Anxiety' on Bentley's neo-Gothic Fireplace; Martin Bressani on Jean-Baptiste ...


Behind the Lines 3

... and asked if would he put me in his picture. He said he would. So diverting. I confess I did flirt with him a trifle…”– Philippa Lewis With grateful thanks to, and profound admiration for, The Survey of London, volume 47, Northern Clerkenwell and Pentonville, published London County Council, 2008. ...


Behind the Lines 5

... labourer’s home ‘be warm, cheerful and comfortable, he will return to it with gladness.’I await your instructions and remain, my lord,Your obedient servant,Cassius Goldsmith – Philippa Lewis WE SUGGEST On other humble, timber constructions Without Irony; and Behind the Lines 1–2, 4–6 also by Philippa Lewis. Search website Search drawings


Fresh and Surprised

... Home Drawings Media Events Shop About Contributors Artists & Makers Mailing List Search Drawing MatterSETSDrawings of the Week 2 Jul 2020 Fresh and Surprised Julian Lewis (*1963), ‘Hairy drawing’ of Indische Buurt and Flevopark, 2012. Pen on paper. Courtesy the author. Indische Buurt is a suburban area at the eastern ...


Behind the Lines 11

... He wondered why he had drawn the scythe and fork leaning against the wall to the left. Had it actually been there? He couldn’t remember.– Philippa LewisNotes: * From Letters on England by Victoire, Count de Soligny, 1823. Changed here to reported speechJohn Tallis’s London Street Views, 1838–40 (Thomas Hosmer ...


Behind the Lines 8

... tame stag and being so upset he wanted to weep for ever. Inevitably, it being a Greek myth, he became a cypress tree. Ridiculously gloomy.’– Philippa Lewis ‘Number 11’ Moos, Page from an album of designs for graveyard memorials and tombstones, 1811. Pen and ink and wash, double sheets on ...


Behind the Lines 4

... bill till well into next year. A move to the suburbs, however leafy, was completely out of the question. Perhaps he should have taken Bowers’s tip about the Leasehold Estate Investment Company seriously. – Philippa Lewis WE SUGGEST On other Behind the Lines by Philippa Lewis. Search website Search drawings


Behind the Lines 7

... in paying for every improvement that the worthy Mr Tod had proposed. And then there were the bucolic pleasures of Kensington to look forward to…– Philippa Lewis WE SUGGEST On more Behind the Lines from Pippa Lewis, several of which are on house alterations including Behind the Lines 2 and ...


Behind the Lines 10

... to Pompeii, Athens, Constantinople, Damascus, Cyprus, Baalbec, Jerusalem and Cairo and had left England in August. Samuel Hardy realised that Lutyens wouldn’t have even seen his drawing…did that make it better or worse?– Philippa Lewis WE SUGGEST Read more of Philippa Lewis’ Behind the Lines series Search website Search drawings


Behind the Lines 9

... Ltd is to be my safe British investment, and just down the road from where Ethel and I are nicely nested at the Metropole Hotel.’– Philippa Lewis Aged 33 the Hon. Cyril Ponsonby, a Major in the Grenadier Guards, was killed in action in France on September 28th 1915, leaving ...


Drawing, Movement and Medium: Mark Dorrian in conversation with Michael Webb, Episode 3

... – should be seen in the light of a similar journey. It somehow to me evoked another journey which probably took place in 1862, when Lewis Carroll, accompanied by the Reverend Robinson Duckworth (what a beautiful name), took the Liddell sisters out for a glide on the river but at ...


Learning from the tortoise

... Was there something that we missed, because we were moving too fast, always trying to catch up with the creature on its leisurely path? As Lewis Carroll wrote in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, a book in which various creatures show themselves to be more aware than the human characters:‘When we ...