Parry: Iran 1974

Parry: Iran 1974

72 pages (selected from 94), cloth-bound Windsor & Newton sketchbook, pencil, black and blue pen, and coloured felt pen on bond paper, A6 (105 x 148mm)


This sketchbook is Eric Parry’s first. It chronicles his journey through Turkey, Iran and Kuwait in 1974, when he had cast himself out of the comfort zone of architecture and architectural education, was living rough and travelling through landscapes inaccessible to ordinary vehicles. The period was professedly anti-architecture. Parry set out to study nomadic and low-cost housing in Iran and India and this sketchbook arises from his looking at ethnographic and social consequence in Iran.

It also reveals his first techniques and nascent excitement in materials: the integration of drawing and writing on the page, which in turn reveals a fascination with informal structures; the experimentation with line, ballpoint, felt pen and colour; the careful selection of the sketchbook in the Newcastle art store and compositions informed by its size and orientation.  

The book presents a sense of anticipation and time – even a certain exasperation – alongside Parry’s discoveries. It was a year of motorcycles, tents, youth hostels, running through landscapes of Iran and parts of India, pursuing research on housing and in Parry’s words, considering ‘what one could do as an architect to contribute to the process’. 

This publication is one of a series of facsimile drawing books by architects published by Drawing Matter. These are designed to make architectural drawings accessible for study, discussion and reference. We also suggest: on the sketchbooks of Le CorbusierPeter MärkliTony FrettonJames Gowan and Álvaro Siza

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Published by Drawing Matter, 2019

Parry: Iran 1974

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