Opening Lines I – IV
Siza Vieira, Natalini, Fretton, McLaughlin

Opening Lines I – IV: Siza Vieira, Natalini, Fretton, McLaughlin


This series of books is generated, very simply, from conversations with architects sitting again in front of their old sketchbooks. Often, he or she may not have opened them for many years; we found them ready to speak now quite as unselfconsciously as they had been drawing decades before.

The Drawing Matter collection has a focus on material of this kind, and we have long recognised that sketchbooks are generally the most personal – and the least casually accessible – medium for the production of architectural thinking. To understand the collection better, we have tried here to invent an instrument in which the ideas of the architect, as expressed in the sketchbook and through the spoken word, might once again be synchronised.

Drawing Matter will continue the series as the occasion arises, and as one part of our extended enquiry into sketchbooks and the practice of sketching.

The publication of the first four volumes is timed to coincide with an exhibition of the same title at the Tchoban Foundation Museum for Architectural Drawing, in Berlin.

Tina di Carlo, Series Editor

Published by Drawing Matter Somerset, 2018.

Opening Lines I – IV
Siza Vieira, Natalini, Fretton, McLaughlin

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