Footnotes, Backgrounds, Sheds
Hugh Strange

Footnotes, Backgrounds, Sheds: Hugh Strange

By Hugh Strange, with photographs by Max Creasy and an essay by Elizabeth Hatz

Soft cover, 240 x 290cm

72pp, illustrated


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It is the seemingly peripheral details and gestures that come to anchor this collection of images. Like the building they document, these photographs of the Drawing Matter Archive at the working Shatwell Farm in Somerset, UK, find their bearings in the backgrounds, the contextual minutiae and the footnotes. Taking the form of a three-way conversation between the archive’s architect, Hugh Strange, Norwegian-Australian photographer Max Creasy, and Swedish academic, architect and writer Elizabeth Hatz, this book not only offers a subtly poetic and expansive vantage on the Archive, the collection it houses and its place in the surrounding farm, but also forwards a wider précis on the built form; one in which architecture is layered, living and lived.

Published by Perimeter Editions (2018)

Footnotes, Backgrounds, Sheds
Hugh Strange

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