Reading through sketchbooks
17 October 5 December 2018

Siza video still

17 October – 5 December 2018
Architectural Association School of Architecture
36 Bedford Square
London WC1B 3ES

Over the course of the autumn semester, Drawing Matter will sponsor four seminars on the sketchbook at the Architectural Association. Seminars will be led by Tina di Carlo and taught in conjunction with Marina Lathouri's History and Critical Thinking course. 

The seminars will be hosted in the gallery and open to the school. They will speak through the original sketchbooks of Álvaro Siza, Tony Fretton, Le Corbusier, Peter Maerkli and Adolfo Natalini with guests Niall Hobhouse, Phil Christou, Tim Benton, Tony Fretton and Adolfo Natalini. 


17 October, 4.00 pm: Âlvaro Siza: Seven Early Sketchbooks with Niall Hobhouse

24 October, 4.30 pm,: Tony Fretton: The Lisson Gallery Sketchbooks with Tony Fretton and Niall Hobhouse

25 October, time to be announced: Le Corbusier's Governor's Palace with Tim Benton

7 November, 1.00 pm: Peter Maerkli: La Conguinta with Niall Hobhouse and Phil Christou