Land Marks: Structures for a Poetic Universe
21 March 21 June 2015

Hauser & Wirth Somerset presents LAND MARKS: Structures for a Poetic Universe. The exhibition brings together over 100 architectural studies and models. Curated by Nicholas Olsberg and Markus Lähteenmäki, it is the first exhibition supported by Drawing Matter. 

Ugo La Pietra, La Cellula Abitativa, 1972, DM 2238.1 IN SET – Drawing Matter

Ugo La Pietra (1938), La Cellula Abitativa, 1972. Pen, ink, pencil and photograph on paper 480 × 310 mm. © The architect.


The exhibition follows two parallel paths, exploring the boundaries between sculpture and architecture and the power of structures to transform the landscape and the city into poetic environments. One path looks outward, to the city and the land, and at the potential of architectural ideas to reveal the lyrical or transcendental qualities of their setting. The other turns inward, to works of architecture as discrete containers of thought, memory, sociability, or ideas.

While the exhibition looks back at precedents from the 16th century, the focus is on modern minds in modern times, and especially on those European and American architects and artists who influenced and changed our sense of what structures could do and say, as the societies they served moved from the first vast emplacements of the machine age, to the dawn of the electronic era.