Florian Beigel and Philip Christou: a dream of innocence
16 February 7 April 2018

Florian Beigel and Philip Christou

Florian Beigel and Philip Christou, a dream of innocence. Courtesy the artists and Betts Project.

16 February – 7 April 2018
Betts Project
100 Central Street
London EC1V 8AJ

Our pencil line drawings are more like what one commonly thinks of as ‘still life’ drawings. We are drawing the space in a room between things, the irregular order of the elements of a wall, or the space on a table top between characters. The subjects that are drawn vary a lot, but the intention to see the space between things, a certain balance of relationships, is common in all the drawings.’

—Florian Beigel and Philip Christou

See their competition design for the Yokohama International Port Terminal, 1994, in Drawing of the Week.

See Translations, a publication by Florian Beigel and Philip Christou.