Disegno 2018: Mastery and Uncertainity
19 January 9 February 2018

Tournai Installation photo

Installation photo

19 January – 9 February 2018
Université catholique de Louvain
LOCI Tournai
Rue du Glategnies, 6
Tournai 7500

What is the locus of control of design? Although there are many possible answers to this question, drawing is inescapable. Even so, a host of other questions emerge. For instance, if drawing is the locus of control, then what is the 'work' of drawing, what is its productivity? To what extent is the medium the message? How should we navigate the dialectic between the slowness of iterations in physical drawing and the instantaneity of the machine? Are we witnessing the 'Death of Drawing' (Scheer, 2014; see also the Yale symposium of 2012)? Is there a shift in the cartography of the discipline? How have schools managed recent changes? Is the profession fundamentally different now? And how should architectural theory adapt to drawing’s evolving status?

This conference/exhibition seeks to continue the dialogue opened over the past two decades about the roles of various dispositifs, ranging from the draftsperson’s mind and body (Pallasmaa, 1996) to the 'distributed intelligence' supported by both manual and electronic means, both hard and soft wares.

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