Architecture and Representation
TALKS: Het Nieuwe Instituut / The Berlage / e-flux Architecture
13 October 2017 19 January 2018

Barcelona Facist Map

Poster of the Insurgent movement in Barcelona, 600 x 650mm. The poster dates from shortly after July 19, when the successful resistance to the military uprising could be used as a propaganda weapon. It was issued by the Generalitat de Catalunya, the autonomous government of Catalonia, and designed by Anarchists from the CNT, the organization that emerged from July 19 as the main power in the city. Drawing Matter Collections.

Architecture and Representation

A ten-part lecture and publication series organized by Het Nieuwe Instituut, The Berlage, and e-flux Architecture 

Architecture and Representation is a collaboration between Het Nieuwe Instituut, The Berlage, and e-flux Architecture that investigates the power of representation within and beyond the field of architecture, featuring Pier Vittorio Aureli, Jess Bier, Mark Cousins, Peggy Deamer, Mpho Matsipa, Joan Ockman, Hilary Sample, Samuel Stewart-Halevy, among others. The lecture and publication series brings to light the powers, biases, and histories embedded in the most essential formats and devices of architectural representation, and question how they disseminate into the world at large to shape social, political, and economic imaginaries.

Architecture and Representation  assembles a wide palette of techniques—from isometric drawings, computer renderings, and cartography to legal contracts, notational short-cuts, and building codes—that each in their own way translate phenomena into relatively fixed, conveniently sized, and orderly documents. The ability to turn architectural representation into operative metaphors is a power not only available to architects and engineers, but also to governments, banks, militaries, and scientists. From border walls and climate models to five-year plans and trickle-down economics, the architect’s toolkit is ripe for strategic appropriation, subversion, and cooperation.

Architecture and Representation includes a lecture series at Het Nieuwe Instituut and The Berlage. For the schedule of events, see here