Scroope: Cambridge Architecture Journal
Thursday 6 July 2017, 79.30pm

Thursday 6 July 2017, 7–9.30pm
The Bargehouse
Oxo Tower Wharf
London SE1 9GY

Neil SpillerCommunicating Vessels 06

Neil Spiller (*1961), Baroness' Filaments, 2013. Digital composite: ink on card, masking tape, analogue collage, photoshop layers.


Let us watch him with reverence as he sets side by side the burning gems, and smooths with soft sculpture and jasper pillars, that are to reflect a ceaseless sunshine, and rise into a cloudless sky: but not with less reverence let us stand by him, when with rough strength and hurried stroke, he smites an uncouth animation out of the rocks which he has torn from among the moss of the moorlands, and heaves into the darkened air the pile of iron buttresses and rugged wall, instinct with a work of imagination as wild and wayward as the Northern Sea; creations of ungainly shape and rigid limb, but full of wolfish life, fierce as the winds that beat and changeful as the clouds that shape them.

– John Ruskin, ‘The Nature of Gothic’, The Stones of Venice.

Quoted by Neil Spiller in ‘Drawing as Communicating Vessels', Scroop: Cambridge Architecture Journal, vol. 26.