Alternative Histories at CIVA Brussels
729 September 2019

CIVA Brussels Alternative Histories

Conen Sigl Architekten, model based on Giuseppe Chiantarelli, lower floor view through the Casa Pseudourbana, photo Thomas Adank

729 September 2019
Rue de l'Ermitage 55
Brussels 1050

Following the exhibition of Alternative Histories in London last spring, the exhibition travels to Brussels this September.

Acknowledging that architecture is a corpus of inherited ideas, Alternative Histories began with a question: could a contemporary architect, with their own references, make a model that would respond to a drawing from the past? This exhibition collects the 85 models produced by the same number of practices alongside the architectural drawings that prompted them, all of which are held in the UK-based archive of Drawing Matter.

Taken as a whole, the responses challenge the facile understanding of concepts of reference, history or influence as drivers of contemporary architectural thinking. From methods to materials, the project opens up not only new ways of looking at the past, but also a series of conversations about how architects today shape their present.

Co-curated by Jantje Engels and Marius Grootveld in collaboration with Drawing Matter and the Architecture Foundation, London

Vernissage 6 September, 6.30pm

Click here to see a full list of participants, and here for a slide show.

The Catalogue

A catalogue of the show has been published to coincide with the CIVA exhibition. Featuring an essay by Marius Grootveld and photography by Thomas Adank and Guus Kaandorp.