fala atelier: On Louis Kahn's Kansas City Office Building, 1972

fala_AlternativeHistoriesmodel_1/4.JPG – Drawing Matter

fala atelier (*2013), model of site plan for an office building, Kansas City, by Louis Kahn (1972), 2018. Coloured card.

Supreme efficiency. For the cost of one millimetre of pencil lead, a few careful shapes define the volume, its load-bearing structure, the metrics of the facades and the distinction between services and open areas.

We thought five pillars would be enough, and that the rhythm of the elevations would benefit from alternating essences of wood. Faux marble ends the composition, crowned by a small vase, and a pencil holder.

For more views of the model by fala atelier and Louis Kahn's original drawing. Click here to see a full list of participants, and here to return to the curatorial statement, along with a slide show.