Charles Holland Architects: On John Lautner's ground floor plan of a garden and semi-circular house, 1952

charles_holland_model photo.jpg – Drawing Matter

Charles Holland Architects (*) and John Lautner (1911–1994), model of John Lautner's Ground floor plan of a garden and semi-circular house for the artist Edgar Ewing, Mt Washington, Los Angeles, (1952), 2018. N/A.

Strawberry Gothic Forever draws on a number of architectural fantasies. Primarily, it can be seen as an anglicised version of Lautner’s house for Edgar Ewing, a circular structure intended for the Los Angeles hills but now embedded in the chalk face of the North Downs. But it also contains other references: to Buckminster Fuller’s dreams of a lightweight geodesic architecture, to the nostalgic craft utopia of William Morris and to the high-tech fantasies of the 1960s avant garde.

Lastly, the model has an autobiographical quality, a collection of objects and reference points that we have drawn together and re-assembled in our own corner of the world.  

– Charles Holland

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