Caruso St John: On Hans Poelzig's sketches, c. 1920s

IMG_9750_PS.jpg – Drawing Matter

Caruso St John Architects (*1990), Adam Caruso (*), Peter St John (*) and Siw Thomas (*), On Hans Poelzig's sketches, c. 1920s, 2019. Ceramic.

The charcoal lines of Poelzig’s sketches imply a volume and material surface that is close to the quality of his buildings. Our model attempts to engage with this fusion of formal energy and material alchemy.

– Caruso St. John

To see an additional view of the model, alongside Poelzig's sketches; and on Tom da Paor's interpretation of the same sketch. Click here to return to the Alternative Histories curatorial statement, alongside a slide show; and here, for a full list of participants.