Erotische Architektur

Zund-Up, from Erotische Architektur, 1969, DM 2126.5 IN SET

In that sense, this collage is a product of the paradigm shift in the debate concerning architecture’s relation to technology in the late 1960s. This was to characterise Zünd-Up’s foundational project too, the Great Vienna Auto-Expander, in which the car becomes the plaything of architecture, rather than architecture imitating automobile aesthetics. But this collage is also a play on its own technique. – Erik Wegerhoff

Space Stares Back

Celia Scott, l'Attente, 2015 IN SET

Celia Scott's drawings, specifically the pastels, are often more literal than the paintings. They have a greater immediacy both of technique and of effect. Abstracted from these, the paintings are altogether cooler, emptier, more spare. Scott uses the industrial materials of early Modern architecture, such as ply, aluminium and spray paint along with processes of drawing, painting, spraying, and, surprisingly, sanding and carving with a router, to achieve her own language of forms. – Katharine Eustace

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