Siza's Columns

From Piccadilly to Shatwell

Siza's Columns

On Saturday 7th April the three columns designed by Álvaro Siza in 2014, as a commission by the Royal Academy for their exhibition Sensing Spaces: Architecture Reimagined, were re-erected in the farmyard at Shatwell. The columns were acquired by Drawing Matter, in part to mark the near-simultaneous arrival in Somerset of a very significant part of Siza’s professional archive; but also with the idea that a thoughtful re-siting might raise similar – even, harder – questions about the role of architecture, or about the uneasy division of country from city. – Niall Hobhouse

Behind the Lines 5

Cassius Goldsmith, Design for a Gate Lodge, 1827

Cassius Goldsmith, Gate Lodge front elevation, c. 1827, DM 2706.1 IN SET

‘The rustic verandah: I have never before used this type of ornament and am at loss as how to specify the wood. Might Platt be encouraged to seek out suitable trees? I would have suggested a straight pine, but gather that a gnarled appearance is desirable. You will see I have designed it to be purely ornamental and not structural, which could only be calamitous. The design also stands well without the verandah, and would even save a few guineas’. – Philippa Lewis

Alberto Campo Baeza

Sketchbook No. 37

Alberto Campo Baeza. Sketchbook No. 37, f. 95. Sketch design for the House of the Infinite, Cadiz, Spain, (V&A: CD:18-2016)

Drawings, personal notes and poems flow across nearly 170 little pages and three months of Alberto Campo Baeza’s life, recorded during 2010 in an architectural sketchbook that he presented to the V&A in 2015. While scripted predominantly in Spanish, much is penned in English in which Campo Baeza is fluent. The architectural sketches, of course, transcend tongues, although the architect is prone to spice his design drawings with written ‘ideas’. – Neil Bingham

An exhibition of drawings by Alberto Campo Baeza will be shown in the Museum of the University of Alicante, Spain, during the XVII Architectural Graphic Expression International Conference, May 30th - June 1st. Keynote speakers at the Conference include Peter Eisenman, Alberto Campo Baeza and Gurnot Riether. Conference papers will be published in the Proceedings printed by Springer. 

Drawing Matter

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