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Drawing Matter – New Publications

Press Introduction by Niall Hobhouse Wednesday 17 October 6.00 pm, AA Bookshop, London WC1.  Drawing Matter is hosting a book launch (6.30) to celebrate six new titles published this summer. Designed in conjunction with exhibitions in London, Berlin and Venice, each book centres on the drawing as a vital object, artefact, practice or expression of architecture. Other titles related to Drawing Matter and works in the collection will also be available. 

Opening Lines I-IV


Adolfo Natalini, Twin Towers

Designed as a series by Ray O’Meara and Thom Swann for A New Archive, these four beautifully crafted publications present the architect-sketchbook in facsimile alongside conversations with their authors: Álvaro Siza, Adolfo Natalini, Tony Fretton and Níall McLaughlin, who all sat down in front of their sketchbooks to retrace their steps. Edited by Tina di Carlo, the books were published to complement Drawing Matter’s recent exhibition Opening Lines: Sketchbooks of Ten Modern Architects at the Tchoban Foundation, Museum for Architectural Drawing in Berlin.



This striking Z-fold edition, designed by Rosa Nussbaum, celebrates the eponymous 2017 Architectural Association exhibition curated by Ellis Woodman and Manuel Montenegro. Through drawings, archival material and essays, the book captures the exhibition format to give a comparative reading of four contemporary low-cost housing experiments built in Portugal and London in the 1960s–70s by Álvaro Siza and James Gowan. 



The cover of this publication unfolds to reveal an exhibition by Elizabeth Hatz at the Venice Biennale. Inside, large colour plates present a forensic view of the 133 original drawings, which were rescaled as prints and displayed in the Central Pavilion of the Giardini. An essay by Hatz captures the poetry of the conversation between the inhabited walls. 

Other Works

Civic Utopia Cover

Earlier Drawing Matter publications (in addition to iBooks and a podcast episodes), are also available and include A Civic Utopia: Architecture and the City in France 1765 - 1837, by Nicholas Olsberg and Basile Baudez (designed by Ray O’Meara and Thom Swann). Produced together with an exhibition at the Courtauld Gallery of Art in 2016, it presents Englightenment-era drawings of French public buildings and civic spaces as the foundation for an ideal polity. 

Drawing Matter

Hugh Strange Architects, Drawing Matter Archive 4 IN SET

Drawing Matter has its home in a farmyard in a small valley in the West of England, alongside cows, sheep, tractors and a significant group of buildings by contemporary architects. Assembled by Hobhouse over the last 25 years, the collection contains many thousands of architectural drawings and models, ranging from the 16th to the 21st century, with a focus on the ‘thinking’ drawing and its role in the process of design. 

Drawing Matter Trust was formed to investigate the limits of architectural representation. It does this through looking at original material, regular exhibitions, symposia and other educational initiatives, publications, and related events – most recently, a production of Dido and Aeneas, designed by Sam Jacob and set in a cowshed by Stephen Taylor Architects. 

Early in 2014 Niall Hobhouse mentioned, somewhat casually, the idea of a website to encourage a discussion around a small collection of drawings. The name – 'Drawing Matter', suggested by early collaborator Markus Lahteenmaki – held ­because of its ambiguity, using drawing as both a verb and a noun and looking always at drawing as a practice. The Drawing Matter website has now become a research resource in its own right as it threads together the different narratives of several hundred drawings, the events they generate, and the publications they provoke.

Editors: Niall Hobhouse Helen Mallinson Tina di Carlo Helen Thomas Tristan Rogers

Seminars on sketchbooks will be hosted at selected institutions over the next few months. These will be advertised on our Events page. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION OR BOOKS FOR REVIEW PLEASE REPLY TO THE EDITORS.


Drawing Matter

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