Madelon Vriesendorp and Rem Koolhaas at Van Rooy Gallery

The Raft of Medusa. On 1 October 1980 ...

OMA, Welfare Palace Hotel, Sunken Medusa Raft, 1975-76, DM 3000.1

... at the height of postmodernism, Luce van Rooy opened her gallery in Amsterdam, around the corner from the Stedelijk Museum. In her recent interview van Rooy reflects on the history and idea of a gallery for ‘architecture and related forms of visual art’, which arose at the end of the 1970s. It was very much influenced by the New York Five – Peter Eisenman, John Hejduk, Richard Meier, Charles Gwathmey and Michael Graves – when ‘a new market for collectors developed where drawings were offered as autonomous, aesthetic works of art. One spoke,’ she says, ‘in terms of paper architecture or special-mades.’ → Read on

– Tina di Carlo

Nicholas Olsberg on Bruce Goff

Dewlen House and Studios ‘Arparture’, 1956. This is an unbuilt house and studio project for two artists in the dry country of west Texas ... 

Bruce Goff, Proposed Dewlen House and Studios (‘Aparture’), Amarillo, Texas, 1956. DM 2953.2.

... It comes from a happy moment when architects could see no equation between the unreasonable and the unbuildable.

Bruce Goff christened it APARTURE, perhaps a play on the words 'apartness’, for its social context; 'departure’, for its leaving behind all conventions of wall, window and structure; and 'aperture’, suggesting a narrow and precise means of viewing the world. → Read On

– Nicholas Olsberg

Sam Jacob and Patrick Hughes on perspective

In Episode 5 of ‘Talking to Drawings’ the artist Patrick Hughes talks with Sam Jacob about the 90 degree moment, when drawing shifts from the table to the wall, inviting the appearance of going somewhere.

Boullee crop

→ Listen here

Drawing Matter

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