Gordon Matta-Clark

Gordon Matta-Clark, Untitled (drwg for poetry reading), 1973-4, DM 2570 IN SET

During a poetry reading at St Mark’s Church in the East Village of New York in 1973 Gordon Matta-Clark announced that he would draw on a roll of butcher paper an account of the history of architecture with a single long stroke of the pen. – Nicholas Olsberg

Michael Webb

Michael Webb, Sin Centre Escalator Plan, DM ? IN SET

In his drawings for the Sin Centre, Michael Webb constantly returns to the parts of the project that are to do with movement – the undulant mechanical escalators and the complex vehicle system through which cars enter and flow through the building on ramps that loop around, cross over and intertwine with one another. – Mark Dorrian

Pier Leone Ghezzi

Pier Leone Ghezzi, Monument to a Donkey, 1735 IN SET

This drawing by the Roman artist Ghezzi depicts an unusual funerary monument, commissioned by the Sacchetti family for their beloved donkey called ‘Grillo’ (Cricket). – Rachel Hapoienu

Drawing Matter

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