architecten de vylder vinck taillieu

Architecten De Vylder Vinck Taillieu, Carrousel 1, 2015, DM 2325 IN SET

This drawing is different. It reveals the idea behind the project. One could say that with the idea realised the drawing was no longer needed, but this drawing brings idea and reality together again. And in a way, it is drawn not as a reality but as an idea. – Jan De Vylder

Inclusions 2

Inclusions 2 cover spread thumb2

Inclusions 2 presents a collectable, pocket-sized edition of 35 drawings selected from the Drawing Matter Collection by Dutch architect Marius Grootveld of Veldwerk. Inspired by O.M. Ungers’ book Morphologie/City Metaphors (1982) some unlikely and some obvious conversations are set up. Including sketches and drawings by Peter Märkli, Superstudio, Paul Robbrecht, Louis Kahn and Le Corbusier, the selection considers contemporary architectural production while also delving deep into the twentieth century and beyond. This small compilation both explores the range of what an architectural drawing can be, and introduces drawings from the Drawing Matter Collection that have not been seen on the website before. – Helen Thomas


Shreve, Lamb, Harmon, Empire State Elevator Diagram, 1930, DM 2627.1 IN SET

At the other end is Aldo Rossi’s plan for a Commercial Centre outside Florence, and between these works are two pairings that reinforce the grid even as they deviate from it: first, Shreve and Lamb’s vertical elevator diagrams for the Empire State Building are coupled with Cockerell’s 1813 pavement plan and annotated drawing of the Parthenon, made during his grand tour. – Tina Di Carlo

Drawing Matter

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