Discorsi per immagini begins with a single favourite image: page 68 from Natalini's Sketchbook 12, in which Adolfo explores a key early project with Superstudio. In the images below are further links that trace a particular path through our own archives and elsewhere…

Mostra Antiquariato Pal Strozzi

Superstudio, Per un antiquariato definitivo, 1969, DM [?] IN SET

This Superstudio image from the archives of Adolfo Natalini was produced for the exhibition Per un antiquariato defintivo at the Palazzo Strozzi, 1969.

On magenta and the Twin Towers 


Biennale dell'Antiquariato, Palazzo Strozzi, 1969

Superstudio / Archizoom, Exhibition poster, 1969 IN SET

This poster shows the floor plan of exhibition Mostra Antiquariato at the Palazzo Strozzi, an interior landscape. A similar plan was drawn for 'The New Domestic Landscape' exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, 1972 in which Superstudio exhibited their Continuous Monument project, developed through the pages of Sketchbook 12.

On the New Domestic Landscape 

Buon Natale

Superstudio, 1969

Superstudio, Il Monumento Continuo, 1969, DM 2937, Matthew Day jackson inks

E dalle baia vediamo New New York ordinata dal Monumento Continuo come un gran piano di vetro o di ghiaccio, nuvole e cielo ...

On 29th September Natalini's drawing on page 74 of Sketchbook 12 formed part of the projected background to the Third Act of Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas, performed at Shatwell. The original collage was reproduced as this poster, which Superstudio sent as a Christmas card in December 1969.

On more pages in Sketchbook 12 

On all Superstudio works published on Drawing Matter 

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