Siza's Columns
Alberto Campo Baeza. Sketchbook No. 37, f. 95. Sketch design for the House of the Infinite, Cadiz, Spain, (V&A: CD:18-2016)
Cassius Goldsmith, Gate Lodge front elevation, c. 1827, DM 2706.1 IN SET
Alvaro Siza, RA Column sketchbook, 2013, DM 2618.4 IN SET
Mogen Prip-Buus: Sydney Opera House, DM 2973a
Raymond Loewy, Wardroom concept space station, 1969-75, DM 2763.2 IN SET
David Kohn Architects, Hounslow Pavilion, 2013 IN SET
Celia Scott, Object Space VI, 2015 IN SET
Haus-Rücker-Co., Untitled 'poss cover installation project', 1971, DM 2761 IN SET

Drawing Matter