Richard Bentley, Neo Gothic Fireplace, 1754, DM 1397 IN SET
Richard Neutra, Corona Avenue School, 1935, DM 1279 IN SET
Fontaine, Project for national cemetery, 1785, DM 1522 IN SET
Bremer Landesbank Headquarters, Bremen DE 2011-2016_2000px.jpg
Mark Ericson, Onto and Epicycle of Cones, 2018, IN SET
Foster + Partners, Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, 2015 IN SET
Antonio da Sangallo the Younger, attr. Illustrations to Vitruvius Book III, Chapter 2, 1530–45, DM  2939R
Haus-Rücker-Co., Untitled 'poss cover installation project', 1971, DM 2761 IN SET

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